With a B.A. from UC Berkeley I was trained well to value the minds and curiosities of young children from diverse background. I used this gift to teach in challenging schools in the backwoods of New Hampshire to the plains of Texas and  to the urban diverse of Cleveland, Ohio.  Each experience prompted me to be interested in the family life, parenting and creative minds ofchildren. 

As a mother of two sons my inquisitiveness about the growth and development of healthy family life led me toward an M.A. from Central Washington University specializing in training programs in “family systems and school counseling. “

As a school counselor both in North Shore and Lake Washington School districts I relished the opportunity to interface with parents who wanted specific quidance and knowledgein behavior management and  raising emotionally healthy children.  Witnessing many children who had single, hard working parents with little time inspired me to create a mentoring program with the schools and a local church that linked these children with healthy caring adults.

As a family therapist for 32 years I bring  my background in educations along with training and experience in  family court mediation to my present  work with relationships that span a diverse array of growing up experiences.