Depression & Anxiety Counseling

My approach for working with anxiety and depression includes body centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfullness.   Discerning which modality works best for an individual usually begins with my sitting with the story the clients have to tell, recognizing their own concerns about their situation, and ascertaining the hopes they bring into my office

Most often the beginning of getting relief starts with a “safe presence of the therapist.’  The client is asking internally: “Can I really tell her the places that I go in my mind?” “ Will she stay there with me when I doubt my own ability to manage my stressors.

What this requires of me as a therapist is that I am absolutely present with my professional and personal self.  It means that I stay aware of the strategies that best fit the client’s needs and that I can offer appropriate ancillary resources that exist outside of my office. The unique question for me is, “am I fully present with my Spirit, Body, and Mind?"  This in turn may be the needed awareness the individual requires to move forward with reassurance.