In-Home Parent Coaching


One of my prime opportunities as a seasoned family coach is a home visit.  Children and parents can more readily be observed in their natural interactions, routines, and play. I get a window into the personalities of the family and possible insight into the present challenges of the parents.  My “knowing the home environment” lends itself well to the ease of parents seeking my consultation.

Coaching Parents through Skype

Parent schedules with work and their children often make it difficult to do an office Consultation for their parenting challenges.  A skype session can be an easy alternative This may also be a good choice for parents who have had an “in-home visit” with me.

Workshops: “Learning to Speak to Differences with Compassion and Curiosity”

Lynn is creating future workshops focusing on the challenges of engaging with close family members or friends on topics that can elicit strong negative reactions with each other. Having grown up in a family where her parents had different political views, Lynn knows the tension that exists in “silence”or “unspoken judgements.”  She believes that a nation that is presently divided can have healthy dialogue beginning at the level of the family.  Members of a family need to know how to speak to each other from a sense of curiosity and deep compassion. Once the “ice is broken” with positive listening new avenues of respectful engagement can emerge.

Growing Spark & Aliveness Through Relationship

Do you presently feel yourself walking away from conversations with your partner or spouse saying, “We are getting nowhere on this issue. I am losing hope.” Now imagine a change has happened. Suddenly you notice, “he is interested in what I have to say” r “she didn’t cut me off. Maybe we can figure this out together.”

If you’re are willing to grow in new ways, this class is for you. Couples seeking to bring spark to their relationship are encouraged to attend. Individuals, whose relationship has ended and are eager to learn new and healthy ways of

communicating with a partner, are welcomed. Even if your partner chooses not to attend, you will walk away with valuable insights to share.  REGISTER ONLINE HERE.