My Passion — Supporting growth and resilience in Couples and Families

Every morning I look forward to the honor of working with my clients. In the last 32 years my time with individuals, couples, children, and families continually humbles me as I see them grow. 

Couples find new avenues to reach each other and parents delight in new-found tools for communicating with their children. Magic happens in my office as conflicts are resolved and insights are revealed. For me this is the joy of being a marriage and family therapist.

The Aspen

You’ll notice the Quaking Aspen tree throughout my web pages.  The trees speak to an aspect of me that is closely aligned and attentive to nature.  The Quaken Aspen trees were  the signal for me as a child that we had reached the high country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The gentle shimmer of the leaves (quaken) along with the delicateness of the tree trunks that withstand winds, fire, and snow represented a resilience that withstood the forces of nature—a fragility of the white bark and yet a strength to withstand the unpredictability of nature.  And mankind after trauma and hurt survives, repairs, and grows.

As a child growing up in a large family coping with the challenges of alcoholism. the quietness and strength of nature as displayed in the Aspen became a source of solace and restoration. 

As a  therapist I hope my office can be a quiet refuge—a place of restoration and growth.  As  each person shows her pain my hope is that he or she will discover the roots of his courage.  And together we piece together a new story that gives  hope, creativity, and sense of purpose.

Go to the people. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build on what they have. But the best of leaders, When their task is accomplished and their work is done, The people will remark “We have done it ourselves.
— Old Chinese Proverb

Compassionate, Holistic Counseling

My intention in counseling is to support families, couples, and individuals who want the skills and wisdom to create healthy relationships particularly in their family life.  I bring my knowledge and training in systems theory, behavior and cognitive therapy and neuroscience to meet the specific needs of each of my clients. Most importantly, I listen with compassion and curiosity as to how I might give guidance holistically —healing the body, mind, and spirit.  My hope is that individuals will find hope as they witness  strength in their unique changes and that relationships will come to know what it means to support each others" growth.


Credentials & Experience

With a B.A. from UC Berkeley I was trained well to value the minds and curiosities of young children from diverse background. I used this gift to teach in challenging schools in the backwoods of New Hampshire to the plains of Texas and  to the urban diverse of Cleveland, Ohio.  Each experience prompted me to be interested in the family life, parenting and creative minds of children. 

As a mother of two sons my inquisitiveness about the growth and development of healthy family life led me toward an M.A. from Central Washington University specializing in training programs in “family systems and school counseling. “

As a school counselor both in North Shore and Lake Washington School districts I relished the opportunity to interface with parents who wanted specific guidance and knowledge in behavior management and  raising emotionally healthy children.  Witnessing many children who had single, hard working parents with little time inspired me to create a mentoring program with the schools and a local church that linked these children with healthy caring adults.

As a family therapist for 32 years I bring  my background in educations along with training and experience in  family court mediation to my present  work with relationships that span a diverse array of growing up experiences.