Children: A Dream. A Gift. A Challenge.

As parents, we have three things in common: a gift, a dream, and a challenge. The gift is our children. The dream is to send our children into the world as happy adults with confident and competent life skills. The challenge is to raise our children in a manner that is fulfilling for us and healthy and respectful to our children. As a family counselor and coach, I collaborate with parents who are in many different stages of family life (married, divorced, single) in making changes that come from their values and spirituality.

Parents Do Know their Children Best

Parents come to me with varying needs and questions. Knowing that some parents just want good coaching, I always come from the belief that parents know what is best for their child. They just need ideas and support to implement their own intuitive parenting strategies. Sometimes the support takes the form of sharing my experience of working through school challenges, such as: friendships, lack of motivation, or inability to focus on homework. At other times, it takes the form of discerning the steps necessary to help the child become a team player at home when they are resisting responsibility.  Whatever the challenge, parents find their own strength when they know they receive validation for their current conscious efforts.  That's my role as a coach and counselor.

Lynn as a parenting coach provided tangible and practical ways to better connect with my children, from helping me establish boundaries to creating a weekly chore list. She provided actionable suggestions that immediately made a difference in helping me communicate and demonstrate love to my children.
— Mother of twin boys age 3 and daughters ages 10 and 14

It's Working!

"It's working!" is music to my ears. At the end of coaching or counseling session, these words bring me joy. Parents smiling as they describe how their children are sleeping peacefully or how their adolescent son looks forward to describing his day at school are signs that parents are experiencing success in interactions with their children.