Getting to the Heart of the Matter

People want to find meaning and intimacy in their relationships. Spirit leads the way in my counseling/coaching approach. My hope is that as I sit with people, helping them look fearlessly and searchingly, they will find their own feelings, motives, and actions that lead to love of self and compassion for others. This is what I mean by getting to the heart of the matter.

My goal is to get individuals to look deeper than the current issues, and get to the underlying causes of discord, stress, anxiety, and depression. This is how we can experience lasting change.

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Lynn Tienken

Special Events - Growing Spark and Aliveness in Relationship

Do you presently feel yourself walking away from conversations with your partner or spouse saying, "We are getting nowhere on this issue. I am losing hope." Now imagine a change has happened. Suddenly you notice, "He is interested in what I have to say" or "She didn't cut me off. Maybe we can figure this out together."

If your are willing to grow in new ways, this class is for you. 

My Specialties

Relationship Counseling


Depression & Anxiety Counseling

Parent - Child Counseling

Women’s Transitions

Lynn gave us tools to build genuine understanding with one another. After seven years of being together I can honestly say we’ve never been happier.
— Couple with a 2-year-old and twins on the way